Start Where You Are

Jeff Bezos the founder and CEO of Amazon started his first business at school. It was called The Dream Institute. He started from that little space and today is one of the richest men on the planet. Working to achieve something is hard. It requires your determination to succeed. We sometimes Battle adversity as we work on a project, or just in our day-to-day life which is even harder. Progress demands seeing beyond the frustrations and fears that strike on a daily basis. Emerging on the course requires that we put aside frustrations over results and improvements that come infrequently and on a smaller scale than might be desirable. 


“I knew that if I failed, I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.” Jeff Bezos

 When such hurdles occur in my life, and I ‘m able to view them objectively, it seems to me that they come from three main sources: Annoyance that I’m not starting from a better position where the results and rewards flow regularly — A reluctance to accept where I am. Frustration that my results feel woefully inadequate and disproportionate to the considerable efforts I’m putting in and the sacrifices I’m making — Refusal to simply ‘do’ without being fixated on the outcomes. Demoralization that everywhere I look there are the others who seem to find life easy, who don’t suffer the same discontent and frustration that I do — Unhelpful comparisons with others and a refusal to acknowledge what I have. I know it’s irrational to allow these feelings to influence or get hold on my mood and mind-set. Knowing it makes it no easier to ignore or manage.

Most times when I engage people, I come in contact with them during outings, they tend to have so much in their mind but they still believe they don’t have what it takes to start from their little space. Most of them will always talk about what they need to start. Like big Cash! A brand-new laptop.  Sometimes I ask, what do you have? they reply “Nothing”. We have to identified what we have to start. You’ll always have something you can offer to start if you truly want succeed. In my previous post, I wrote about Persistence. I wrote about building heathy relationships with the people in and around your community. Write this down -Healthy Relationship Helps In Enhancing Success.