Business Strategy Consulting

We have an expert team with combined years of more than 100. Our team of expert will illuminate the idea of your idea and create the branding for your product or services. They will also help navigate prospective objectives and tasks to fulfil the objectives. At the end of the consulting, a branding kit will be documented that will guide the company’s operations in all units. Practices here involve Strategic Analysis and Development, Business re-engineering, business case formulation, business intelligence, Financial Analysis, Corporate branding and communication

Change Management Consulting

Introducing a key change in process demands a proper management framework that will make buy-in of all stakeholder seamless and with no change creep or sabotage. How organizations change draw on many disciplines, from psychology and behavioral science, through to engineering and systems thinking. The underlying principle is that change does not happen in isolation – it impacts the whole organization (system) around it, and all the people touched by it. Our special Gidijobs - Business team manages our clients’ critical change process. For a client, our team managed a change that involved more than 5000 stakeholders at the initiation stage of the client’s project; and this involved developing communication frameworks, channels, training manuals and the team managed communication and information dissemination to all the stakeholder over a period of time.

Business/Marketing Operations Consulting

From Retail marketing operations to route to market systems to outlet management systems, Gidijobs - Business provides insights from years of practical experience to take client from a status quo to a fully operational business geared to achieve its set objectives. Branding is only as successful as the operations is. Our team at Gidijobs – Business provides insight into creating winning and sustainable operations to drive marketing strategy. Solutions ranges from creating solutions like software, or creating a hands-on approach for instance, setting up a temporary team that will storm the market to sell a product over a period of time; thereby creating a market channel that could hence be developed

Project Management

We are a team of professional with the knowledge and experience in the specialized area of assisting organizations to improve their practice of project management. We focus on supporting environment and necessary leadership that enables projects and programs to accelerate the implementation of an organizations’ strategy and the achievement of business results.

Data Gathering and Analysis:

Whether following on to a larger document gathering and review effort or starting with existing digital data sets, Gidijobs – Business offers analytical services, which can help businesses obtain simple answers to complex business questions. We typically approach through:

  1. Requirements Definition
  2. Source Identification
  3. Data Definition and Data Mapping
  4. Collection
  5. Preparation and Loading
  6. Data Validation and Normalization
  7. Analysis and Reporting
  8. Verification