Job Summary

  • A go-getter with strong marketing and fundraising skills with the ability to create clear impact in the Organisation
  • Brand and Corporate development
  • Marketing and Client services
  • Reaching out to potential clients to establish relationships
  • Relationship and Product alignment
  • Developing and executing viable business plans to fund operations and growth initiatives for year 2020 and beyond.
  • Developing business strategies/proposals with relevant operational models for effective business operations.
  • Overall responsibility for all new market initiatives and opportunities and ensuring that execution phase is attained
  • Managing high profile political and corporate clients
  • Providing assurance to the Board that Management controls are effective and being fully adhered to.
  • Growing the overall value of the business year-on-year.
  • Brand and Corporate building
  • Relationship and Product alignment
  • Increasing the value of existing client’s portfolio while attracting new ones.
  • Finding and developing new markets and improving sales/sponsorship packages.
  • Managing and attending conferences, meetings, and industry events for the growth of the group
  • Developing quotes and proposals for clients.
  • Developing goals and ensuring they are achieved
  • Managing corporate relationships for continuous revenue growth
  • Enforcing compliance with Group reporting requirements, processes and procedures


Major Activities

  • Creating partnerships that are in line with the agreed ethos and strategies outlined by the MD and COO
  • Strong links and corporate relations to various local and international organisations
  • Getting the business brand to have links with various state and federal government bodies that will assistant in pushing our strategy forward
  • Fundraising for various projects through various fundraising schemes
  • Managing all the contract and admin within the BDM role


Key Challenges: Creating a new and highly functional BD structure that is in line with a viable business model and having the ability to function in a changing environment


Key Decision: Ability to understand the Nigerian marketing climate and pre-empt changes and issues and mitigate them


Decisions made by job holder: Financial and Client Management decisions