Digital Marketing Manager


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Responsible for managing digital presence of RxAll and achieving the following goals

1. Improving, maintaining and tracking SEO ranking of RxAll as #1 anti-drug counterfeiting platform globally through website performance improvement, use of keywords in website and active blogging on related topics

2. Improving, achieving and tracking Sales Targets for various marketing campaigns of RxAll products related to sign ups, downloads and subscriptions. Must hand over leads to Sales Team for follow through

3. Improving, driving, achieving and tracking follows and engagement on RxAll Social Media through hub and spoke (social media to blog) technique in order to inform and build community around RxAll

4. Creating campaigns and producing relevant creatives- including content, pictures, documentaries and videos to drive marketing campaigns, mark global health events relevant to RxAll, share company progress with the purpose of driving up follows, engagement, SEO and inbound sales for RxAll and its products



1. Knowledge of of SMM, SMA and SEO digital marketing techniques

2. Able to understand the strategic needs of the business and create content calendar quarterly, create the creatives (graphic arts skills-a must) to drive the content and implement and measure campaign performance

3. Understand and create and share Metrics driven reporting to senior management that helps track performance of various campaigns using numbers and trends

4. Understand what tools are out there to improve efficiency of work and be able to make business case argument to management

5. Able to build and manage a team as business grows

6. Able to create and measure metrics of relevant campaigns to drive marketing objectives for various company products

7. Understand how to measure, use and report LTV/CAC campaign costing in order to plan, implement and present on marketing campaigns for the company

8. Structured personality with the capacity for independent work, creating order out of ambiguity and self-driven

9. Must have own hard assets to do work

10. Hard working and able to work long hours to deliver on target

11. Able to find, acquire and work with remote team members/free lancers/interns in order to meet labour supply capacity constraints

12. Experience managing digital marketing for technology company is added advantage

13. Email Marketing to drive marketing objectives with deep knowledge of how to use to set automated tools

14. Understand, Create, Measure and track Key Metrics including- #SM Follows per channel #SM Engagement per channel, SM Views/Engagement Ratio per Channel,#leads generated, #conversions (downloads,subscriptions,payments), ARPU/CAC/LTV per conversions ;Month on Month, Qtr on Qtr, Year on Year Growth Analysis of SM Follows, Engagement, Views/Engagement ratio,#leads generated, #conversions (downloads,subscriptions,payments), ARPU/CAC/LTV per conversions

15. Analyse, Derive and Report Insights to Management while using insights to drive new campaigns and optimise existing ones


This is a Full Time Role.

Requires working out of RxAll's Nigeria office in Ibadan.