Digital Product Manager





Job Summary- summary of overall purpose/objectives of the job

As a Digital Product Manager, your prime responsibility would be to develop successful online products for your target consumer groups. To succeed in this role, you must know everything about your market and your customer. In order to give your customers the kind of products they want, you will have to assimilate huge chunks of information such as quantitative web analytics data, research reports, client feedback, market trends and consumer demography statistics and then combine all the relevant bits of data to define a vision and strategy for new product development.

You would collaborate with various professionals such as Product Developers and Content Managers to translate consumer needs into product features to enhance existing product portfolio. Apart from developing new product bundles and feature enhancements, you would also be responsible for determining the pricing and revenue projections of these products and creating effective marketing strategies to optimize returns on investment.

As a Digital Product Manager, you would be responsible for all interactions between clients, third party vendors and your product development team. By coordinating between external vendors and internal stakeholders, you will ensure timely development, launch, sales and delivery of products.

You will define sales and marketing strategies to maximize customer awareness and engagement with products, plan and execute go-to market launch strategies for new products and monitor, track and manage the performance of updated product portfolio. You will participate in client sales calls on key accounts, generate regular business reports on the customers’ use of new products and ensure that set revenue targets are met.

Essential Function- List the principal task, duties and responsibilities of the job (indicate % level of output/level of task required where applicable)

ü         Over 3 years of solid work experience in B2B product management, marketing, internet, local online/ digital advertising, ecommerce or related industry. Knowledge of Sales and Operations is a plus.

ü         Proven experience of working with external and internal stakeholders, outsourced vendors and development teams

ü         Strong business communication and presentation skills

ü         Strong client relationship management (CRM) capabilities

ü         Proven experience of creating business and finance models, analytics, pricing, marketing and business reporting

ü         Self-motivated individual with the ability to take ownership and multitask in a fast paced and challenging environment

ü         Great work management skills with expertise in leading numerous work channels to successful completion

ü         Proven experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative research to make informed business decisions


ü         Great passion for product development and interest in technology, advertising, fashion and online market trends

ü         Ability to travel for client meetings, product pitches and new business development

Special Requirements/Expectations, if required:

As a Digital Product Manager, you will need to switch from one business tactic to another in the blink of an eye to manage not one but several products simultaneously and profitably. Sure this profile sounds like the saga of an unsung hero, but if you are really passionate about the online space and want to enhance user experience with truly innovative digital products, this role is for you.

Required Knowledge & Skills

Minimum Level of Education: Bachelors Degree

Preferred Field of Study:

Business Management/ Computer Science or other relevant field

Years of Experience: Minimum of 5 years

Additional Qualification/Specialized Work Required: MBA and Digital marketing qualifications are desirable

Interested and Qualified Candidates should please send CV to