Grant Writer/Pitcher: Fundraising- Grants, Prizes, Competitions


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Responsible for achieving fundraising targets through


1. Applications to local and international grants

2. Applications to local and international prizes

3. Applications to and Pitching at competitions for prize money

4. Applications to Fellowships for the RxAll Team and its Management



The Ideal candidate has the following core skills:-

1. Ability to understand the RxAll business and how to position it to win grants,prizes and competitions through convincing writing and pitching

2. Ability to understand the RxAll Team and its Individual Management and how to position the team and management to receive fellowships and grants that improve the visibility of the business

3. Strong ability to research relevant grants, prizes,competitions and fellowships and ability to plan towards meeting submission deadlines

4. Strong communication skills to follow through on applications while tracking and reporting on the status of planned applications and submitted applications

5. Able to work with the management to ensure that relevant team members are scheduled and attend their interviews where relevant

6. Able to develop and report clear metrics showing application rate, conversion rate and achieved fundraise on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis

7. Strong writing capacity with flawless grammer and free from typos

8. Strong capacity to develop engaging and visually appealing powerpoint presentations

9. Strong Presentation ability with capacity to represent and pitch for the company at competitions locally and internationally


This role is Full Time

And you are required to work out of the Ibadan office of RxAll

You must have own Laptop