Register to get a job at the Gidijobs’ Fair holding on Thursday, December 7th, 2017 at 277, Babs Animashaun. Off Bode Thomas. Surulere. Lagos. Time is 10am – 3pm

The Gidijobs’ fair will bring leading human resources managers from top tier companies in Nigeria such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Luxury Villas while recruiters from Gidijobs will also be present to provide career guidance and opportunities to all participants.

Job interviews and opportunities will be available for the following roles:

1.      Senior and Junior Architects

2.      Senior and Junior Accountants

3.      Graduate trainees for FMCGs, Banking, Telecommunications

4.      Facility Manager

5.      Group Marketing Manager

6.      General Manager – Construction

7.      General Manager – Manufacturing

8.      Production Engineer

9.      Technical Officers, Etc.

Register by applying here. Make sure you upload your CV with the application!