Our Client a reputable company based in Lagos is recruiting for a Professional and Experienced Manager in her Corporate Services department


Job Summary:

·         This office shall be responsible helping develop strategies for improving efficiency and productivity for the various project supervisors.


·         It shall ensure that that the business processes of the organization, runs smoothly


·         It shall manage suppliers and develop purchasing strategies which meet budgetary and other operational requirements of the company


·         It shall ultimately find quality goods or services at an acceptable price that meet an organization's needs.




1.      Build and operate the organization’s procurement policy and strategies, to ensure that they are consistent with the objectives of excellent quality, efficiency and profit maximization


2.      Act as an ambassador of the organization in all dealings with technical partners who provide technology, goods or services.


3.      Manage time and resources to ensure that demand is met and exceptional customer service is provided


4.      Build and implement processes for the acquisition of furniture, equipment and tools, ensuring best value through exploring different purchasing options while complying with best practice procurement strategy


5.      To oversee the travel logistics of the company


6.      To oversee the recording of mileage, fuel consumption and maintenance of company vehicles


7.      To ensure that stocking and restocking are in accordance with agreed policies and programs, meet the company’s need and minimize the cost of holding them


8.      To maintain a register of company assets and to monitor depreciation


9.      To keep careful oversight on the company’s utilities; advising on alternatives that offer best value for money


10.  To raise and record purchase orders for all transactions and to reconcile invoices against orders placed and good received


11.  Upgrading and operating the organizations procurement process.


12.  Represents the organisation at various meetings with vendors, suppliers and external agencies, professional organizations, and other groups. 

13.  Reviews, analyses and approves all purchases; where award is not made to the low bidder ensures there is justification and policy is followed. 


14.  Resolves problems and protests concerning bid solicitations, contract awards or contract performance as the need arises. 


15.  Prevents unauthorized purchases. 


16.  Conveys decisions both verbally and in writing referencing contracts, existing laws and policy.


17.  Meets with or speaks to interested vendors concerning quality and warranty terms for potential supply and service. 


18.  Develops and maintains an effective working relationship with vendors who can meet with the company’s strict rules of quality and performance




1.      Prequalification and registration of vendors for all the technology, good and services needs of the organization


2.      The development and application of engagement contracts for vendors 


3.      Monitor supplier’s performance, create and adapt service level agreements and ensure that all key performance indicators are met 


4.      Drive improvements in the relationship with vendors


5.      Coordination of external service providers by ensuring that needful documentation is created and that jobs done meet company’s quality requirements


6.      Send quarterly reports on the use of stock of spares, materials and general consumables


7.      Manage the company’s warehouse as an independent business


8.      Supervision of the negotiations of the purchase officer to ensure that the best quality of products and services are always acquired at the least price possible


9.      Shall be responsible for the Maintenance of the business premises and equipment of the company


10.  Manage product and service warranties   



      A degree in business, supply chain management or a closely related field.

      A minimum of a credit in five subjects in an o-level examination

      A minimum of 2 year’s experience in administration

      Adept experience in the use of Microsoft office suite including MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power point

      Excellent command of the English language in both written and oral forms

      Above average math skills

      Excellent interpersonal skills

      Excellent emotional intelligence

      Ability to identify and meet customers’ needs and requirements

      Strong attention to details, possessing a sales aptitude and interested in preventing errors and solving problems.

      Passable knowledge of automobiles and the automobile repair service industry practices

      Passable knowledge of facilities management services and the industry

      Above average level knowledge of the security service delivery industry

      Must be hardworking, a self-starter and a problem solver.

      Demonstrated excellence in organization and time management skills

      Ability to effectively multitask

      Ability to achieve deliverables under pressure

      Exceptional telephone skills

      Positive and upbeat attitude

      Ability to move freely throughout the premises to gather information, materials and authorizations


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