Whether we like it or not, as Nigerians, we are naturally curious and nosy.  Two drivers coming from opposite directions on a bumpy Lagos road can size each other up for a good 10 seconds and the only thing they are not sure of, is what fragrance the other person was wearing. 

So this is your time to go and get that hot gist that we all crave.  Or unravel the next big music star.  Or peek into a behind the scenes view of the latest fashion whizkid.A large portion of your job involves making certain that articles are accurate, easy to follow and captivating for readers. It is vital for you to keep up with recent trends in the entertainment field. As part of you responsibilities, you may attend movie premieres, shows and concerts, and then review the performances in you articles.  You will be required to unravel content not just from Nigeria but also the diaspora


We expect to see some evidence of your writing and a knack for picking up on trends/stories even before they go viral