Job Description

Interior Design Assistants help professional Interior Designers juggle different projects, anticipate their needs, and essentially make their job easier so they can take on more clients. As an Interior Design Assistant, your time is divided up between assisting the Interior Designer in the field and working at the office. While at the project sites, you run errands and assist with duties that are hard for one person to do by themselves. At the office, you answer phones, keep up the filing, and writing emails. Also, the individual is required to be creative and pay attention to detail. 
            An Interior Design Assistant with a great sense of style, plus the ability to help create computerized visual presentations for the clients, is usually an Interior Design Assistant with a job. 
Must be available for overtime or off hours as needed, regular working hours are 8:30a.m. to 5: 30p.m on work days.


·         Assist the project manager in requesting for quotation, following up on quotation

·         Follow up on the vendors’ quotes

·         Assign tasks to follow up on CRM

·         Assist in accurately updating procurement lists

·         Assist on site

·         Take minutes at client’s meetings and recording

·         Assist Lead Designer in developing design concepts and space plans

·         Coordinate with Lead Designer in preparing design drawings using CAD software

·         Specify custom fixtures, furnishing and equipment in design plans

·         Supervise project activities to ensure quality and timely delivery

·         Visit job sites to take space measurements and other relevant information

·         Communicate with external and internal business areas to gather relevant design information.

·         Maintain the documentations for renovations and design

·         Coordinate with the contractors on renovation projects

·         Execute the ad-hoc assignments when necessary

·         Present design ideas to the clients

·         In-charge of preparing the procurement list

·         Requesting for quotation from vendors

·         Prepare sign-offs for presentation

·         At the end of each project, prepare the operational manual

·         Taking meeting minutes at every meeting with the Creative Director

·         Ensure you take part in the handing over with the project manager

Skills and Qualifications

·         Assistant interior designer must be blessed with extraordinary creativity and a rationale thought process that allows him/her to provide the necessary support to the interior designer.

·         Must possess the ability to work in a competitive environment and communicate professionally with clients and vendors.

·         Organizational and problem-solving skills play a vital role in your growth in this industry.

·         Extreme attention to detail

·         Good Communication skill both written and verbal

Interested Candidates should send CV and Cover Letter to