How to Live with Vision

Our lives’ energy is from our vision. (This is not the same as our source of life). When our vision is blurred, so will our life. Vision is progressive - we accelerate towards our life. Counsel, courage, creativity, planning et cetera ultimately become adjectives of our vision (i.e. they work for any kind of vision - ask Hitler, Martin Luther, Jesus). These adjectives are also crump responsible to have or develop a vision! This is a dialectical interpretation; but let us ignore the veracity of the latter and impose on ourselves the discourse of the former.

Generally speaking, life itself is wrapped up in a vision - Gen. 1:26-28. Hence, a man’s life is wrapped up entirely in his vision. He can only become what he can see. As I write this very last statement, I pondered if it’s true? It is! However, there are certain principles that could alter the potentiality of a vision. Therefore, we have vision catalysts such as environmental factors, association affinity, et cetera. You see, vision - though a mindset - is regulated by knowledge. And since knowledge could be channeled in diverse ways, our vision could be initiated with or without our direct input. 

A young man who was nurtured in an excellent way should turn out good (ceteris paribus - the catalysts). But upon associating himself with a corrupt company, he becomes impolitic and declared a juvenile delinquent! 

What happened to him? 

His Vision darkened. He replaced his earlier vision with yet another. If he keeps to his latter life and becomes oblivious to the right path (intentionally), then he has claimed a negative vision. Therefore, I conclude that vision is birthed when a man is fully convinced (against all odds) of a path and thread on it, dreadfully daring all repercussions. 

And we birth our outcome - our life. The most painful thing is that we only realize that we are wrong or (if we strike ‘lucky’) right at the end of the journey - when we have neither energy nor willingness to change our ways. 

In conclusion, the pill to guarantee a safe delivery of an enviable life is to keep a young and humble heart - let’s all keep learning.